Hurray, It's Monday!

Where content meets inspiration! This upbeat session provides tools for filling personal reservoirs, empowering employees to bring their hearts and souls to work.
Using her business background and zest for life, KINZA provides techniques and tips for mastering the "intangibles" in life in order to stay motivated and enthused – and boost bottom lines.

"Humorous, uplifting and motivational, you exceeded expectations on all counts."

Kari Behling, Wisconsin Hospital Association

Optional Titles: Keeping the Sparkle
Journey to Success
Finding the Humor
Tapping into workplace wellness

Laugh and Live Your Dreams

Laughter—it’s a healthy choice

Stress relief and empowerment galore!.... Music, pizzazz, and humorous stories combine with KINZA's 25 years as an American Belly Dancer to impact audiences on goal-setting, self-esteem issues and living dreams. This unique program is guaranteed to leave them laughing!.

"I loved your program. It was inspiring and hilarious!"

Dolly Laatsch, Lions International State Convention

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Great Conference Value!
  Laugh & live Your Dreams -PDF FILE

Seminar Shake-Up
When your Conference attendees come down for their day of training sessions, KINZA will greet them with a Seminar Shake-up. Dressed in workout glitz attire, and carrying her tambourine, she will energize them in a quick 5-minute "Wake 'em up & Shake 'em up" event to get them ready for the day!  -- They Love it!

"It was a great way to start the day! From their laughter, as well as from their comments, I know the attendees enjoyed it. Thanks for a job well done!"

AT&T SE WI Definity Users

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