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Re-enforcing your Meeting Objectives


Looking for more Return on your meeting Investment? Now you can partner with KINZA to add emcee dynamics to your next Conference to assure lasting results. Nationally known as the "Entertaining Motivator" and Performance Pro, KINZA is a motivational humorist , keynoter, seminar leader, author- and a team player who will go the extra mile (or more) to weave your event into a memorable success. A Comedy Club enthusiast, the blend of her business background and 25 years in the entertainment field, gives a winning combination for your event. Whether in a business suit, theme -related attire, or glitzy costume, maximize your results with KINZA.

  • Re-enforce key organizational objectives
  • Introduce new initiatives
  • Move your audience to action
  • Motivate attendees to achieve new goals
  • Heighten brain staying power for maximum retention
  • Pack your Conference with result-oriented fun

As your partner for event success, KINZA gives 100% -- her enthusiasm is contagious , her content sticks.

Video clip of Kinza's Conference Weaving!

OPENING WEAVE: Having industry specific speakers? Great! Let KINZA warm up your attendees, weave in your conference objectives as she sparks their minds, tickle their funny bones. This 15- minute weave sets the stage for information retention and organizational ownership.

WEAVE IT #1, #2 & #3: Wake'em up, charge 'em up, hit them with your #1 objective- A 10 minute Weave to peak their peak their alertness and slip in some Industry brain food . These are perfect for Breakfast Wake-ups; Award Inspirators; Sales Motivators, Training Openers; or after lunch Teambuilding Energizers. Let KINZA be the thread to weave our event a memorable success.

WRAP-UP & " WEAVE": Your goals, your objectives, the fun - KINZA wraps it up and bring it all home in the farewell finale.

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