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Elephant on My Chest  (Know a child with asthma?) 




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A little book with a BIG message.  According to the National Institute of Health, there are nearly 9 million children in the U.S. with asthma.  This book is for them -- and their communities

Help children to understand, heighten coping skills, manage better … and know they are not alone.  (Ages 4-10)  Written by asthma survivor Dave Christenson on what it is like to be a child with asthma. Grow asthma awareness with this poignant book of hope and understanding.

For Bulk Orders of 25+ or Family Bundle Special Call:

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FAMILY BUNDLE SPECIAL: 9/$99. One for your child, their playmates, neighbors & cousins, school and church. Help others to understand. Call to order.


:       A great Service project.  Call or email us today to find how easy you can provide your school/hospital with these great uplifting and educational books for kids suffering with asthma. The bonus- it is a   great community awareness project educating all children on how asthma affects a child

 “What a lovely book.”…….Jim Barnes, Jenkins Groups Book Distributor

“Packed with feeling & learning, this book is wonderful!”….Marilyn Lauterbach, Arizona
“A fantastic resource for child care providers and anyone involved in the care of children.”  .....Pam Sova, Wisconsin

 You Tube Sample of Book            



The boost everyone needs in these tough times! A fun easy read to help reap the benefits of humor wellness. Through some fun chuckles, life ideas and tools we can use, Kinza gives insights to tweak perspectives, nurture your spirit -- and instigate more fun in your life.  What a super gift to all. Her philosophy: “We live in our minds, make it a happy place”.

                 Hot off the press!  Get your copies today!




Burnt Toast & Jam


It’s here! Kinza’s inspirational and humorous look at how to face life’s burnt toast with humor and positivity. With stories and thoughts to fill the heart and lift your spirit, Kinza shares her Burnt Toast and Jam philosophy. Packed with humanness, lessons, and laughter, this is a perfect gift for yourself-- and don’t forget your family and friends!


“Kinza shares her wit, wisdom, humor and spirit for living. 

               A fun read that reminds us all of what’s important!”

              Shelley Peterman Schwarz, Making Life Easier


193 Survival Tips for a Professional Image... Its a Jungle Out There!


Building your Success With: 193 Tips for a Professional Image...It's a Jungle Out There! Now raise the bar on your personal and professional success. With humor and insight, this book is packed with tips to help you position yourself for success, send the right message and how to avoid flunking first impressions. An easy read, it is complete with a popular crises control section, business do's and don'ts -- this book is everyone's new best friend!

"I am surprised by how many people do not know or understand this importance of having a professional image.   You have captured the important message in an easy-to-read, concise and humorous manner.  I would be interested in it for the reps in our region and possibly for our whole field force."

Bonnie Gaver, Midwest Division Manager, DuPont.

Thoughts to Motivate


Encourage and Inspire!  This spiraled collection of quotations sparks the spirit and the motivation.  Gender-friendly and easy to read, people love them! These make wonderful gifts for employees, company reps, and friends.


     “We were thrilled to give something other than another cap to our 500 employees and sales reps nationwide. With our own company logo on the cover, these were perfect.”                                                                        Renda Sivak, Bruno Mfg.


Each report is a minimum of 5 pages and packed with valuable, succinct, insights, self-improvement exercises and tips compiled from our workshops, seminars and columns. They are available to you to give you in help when you need it. Special Reports are only available via email and will be in your hands within minutes of ordering.

Special Report #1: Gener-Vision™ Begins With Me


Relationship challenges are never one-sided. We must begin with a look at ourselves.

Think of this as a paper lab for:
  • Discovering why you think and react the way you do
  • Uncovering how you are seen by others
  • Learning 4 strategies for dealing with generational differences
  • Gaining insights for building relationship bridges

Special Report #2: Communicating with Veterans


Focusing on the Veterans, also known as the Traditionalists and the "Silent" generation, born 1920-1940.

In this Special Report, you will:

  • Learn the basis for their core value system;
  • Discover why the gap between them and Millennials is smallest seen in years
  • Learn the 10 best Connectors to use with Veterans
  • Complete your Personal Veteran Action Plan

Special Report #3: Communicating with the Baby Boomers


The Baby Boomer generation was born approximately 1940-1960. They will dominate the workplace until 2013.

In this Special Report, you will:

  • Visit the world of the young Boomer during their mindset development
  • Learn the best communication techniques for make their connection
  • Find what ticks these zoomers off and what turns them on.
  • Discover the 3 ways to win their hearts through nonverbal communication

Special Report #4: Communicating with Generation-X


Generation-X  was born approximately 1960-1980. These are parents of today's millennials. 

In this Special Report, you will:

  • Discover what makes events incubated the Gen-Xer's mindsets
  • Learn the things that drive them crazy
  • Uncover secrets that enable you to be a star with the Gen-Xer on your team
  • How to retain the Generation-X employee

Special Report #5: Communicating with the Millennials


The Millennials, also known as Generation-Y or Nexters, were born approximately 1980-2000 and comprise nearly 1/3 of U.S. population.

In this Special Report, you will:

  • What makes this generation different than any that have gone before
  • Learn specific ingredients which validate this age group
  • Find out what they say, what they hate, what they value
  • How to attract and retain –and train this emerging workforce

Special Report #6: How to Use Humor for Career Success


Stop the stress mongers: Laugh! Now you can become a healthier and happier person by developing your funny bone--and taking it to work.

In this Special Report, you will learn:

  • How to lighten up and use humor to bridge relationships
  • 17 ways humor can help you at work
  • Paper lab for developing your own humor style
  • Don't get mad, get funny, how to make your point with humor

Special Report #7: 15 Secrets to Making Friends Easily


Have you ever wondered how some people attract friends like bees to honey? Now you can learn secrets to building relationships.

In this Special Report, you will learn:

  • 5 easy steps to instantly being seen as 'friendly' by others
  • Techniques for developing and expressing empathy
  • Danger zones that will kill your best intentions
  • How master the balancing act of being a friend

Special Report #8: How to Win in the Boardroom


You've been asked to serve on the Board. You want to be effective, but how? Now, with this Report, you can be a Board room star.

In this Special Report, you will learn:

  • How to overcome the most common pitfalls of ineffective board members.
  • Steps for developing a credible impression
  • Learn how to be a stronger communicator
  • Keys for negotiating....and winning

Special Report #9: 9 Steps for Doing Change Better


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the speed of today's changes, this one is for you.

In this Special Report, you will learn:

  • Strategies for becoming a change agent
  • To Identify fears that hold you back
  • How to manage the 3 phases of transition
  • Introduction of concepts for replacing old templates with new paradigms

Special Report #10: 99 Best Tips for Developing as a Professional


Tired of feeling like you are a pork chop short when it comes to that value judgment of you? This Report will give you the tools for being seen as more effective and powerful in your daily life.

In this Special Report, you will learn:

  • Techniques to being seen as a person of influence
  • How to stop sabatoging yourself
  • Ways the words you choose affect your impact
  • Strategies for attracting powerful people
  • Everyday ways to demonstrate credibility and strength

Special Report #11: 114 Ways to Build Workplace Spirit


Decrease stress, boost morale and empower employee engagement with these activities and insights making yours a company of choice.     

In this Special Report, you will learn:

  • Every day activities you can do to spark the spirit
  • Ways to show recognition and have purposeful fun
  • Kick off ideas to liven up your meetings
  • Ideas for special events and ways to celebrate holidays.
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