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What are Meeting Planners saying?

Your program was set the tone for our whole conference.

Your program was fun and informative -- a "real eye-opener".

Thank you , it was just what we wanted.

Your keynote was right on target.

Wonderful speaker!  Great interaction with the audience."

And more...

I had the pleasure of working with KINZA. She was always professional, yet you felt like you were talking to a friend. She made our planning easy, was flexible and at the conference she made everyone that had contact with her feel special. Throughout the years I've had the opportunity to hear a number of wonderful speakers; however, I have rarely had the good fortune to listen to a speaker like Kinza.  Her energy, wit and wisdom entertained our group, yet inspired us with her message.

Typical comments heard:

           "The best!" 


           "I love myself more."

           "Now I feel I can move on with my life."

 It is without hesitate that I would recommend KINZA as a speaker."

                                 Doris Baasie, Fairview Hospital UMC-M, Hibbing, MN      

"We wanted to provide stress relief for our 400 medical-staff employees. Kinza filled and exceeded all expectations.  She was able to engage the audience and move them to action (literally-she had them dancing in the aisles!) Employees are still talking about how much fun they hand and how inspiring Kinza was. They found Kinza's program to be motivating and uplifting in a way they had not experienced  before. Our construction coordinator summed it up whe he stopped by my office to tell me  he "hasn't laughted that much in years!"

"If you are looking for a presentation that is fun, motivating and educational, Kinza is the speaker for you!

                 Stacie Lancaster,  Mercy Medical Center, North Iowa                    

"Wow. Kinza definitely delivered on our expectations. From the moment she danced into the room in her dancing costume, the audience knew this was no ordinary speaker. She rated 99 out of 100.  The audience loved her!

                 Tammie Richter, Bemidji, Minnesota,Pioneer Women's Expo               


"Team Schiel Companies would like to thank you for speaking at our recent Leadershpi Conference!  You --and your enthusiasm--were able to involve our Cousin, Subway and convenience store managers in meaningful discussions that you made alot of fun. They gained personal insights on their own motivation and perceptions, as well as customer service applications they can use to help them succeed in these challenging times.  We 'highly' recommend you to other organizations.

                     Candace Meronk, Team Schierl Companies                                

"You shake it girl!  Thank you for kicking off our meeting. Our audience was totally engaged in your presentation, I only wish we had more time to experience more of "Hurray, It's Monday".  You are a breath of fresh air!  You helped the audience to relax and, I believe, helped them to open their minds to take in the rest of the workshops.   Your wrap-up was great. If anyone was tired by then, you couldn't guess it by the way you had them all practicing carpal tunnel prevention and other stress relieving belly dance moves they can use for personal wellness.

                               Janet Kloser, SEWI-ASTD

                               Doris Baasie, Fairview University Medical Center

"One thing that impresses me when working with Kinza is the effort she put forth in tailoring her presentation to fit our needs. She sent a questionnaire asking about the audience and what our expectations were for the program. She contacted the references I provided to gain additional insight about the audience. This extra preparation was evident. In her presentations; she really connected with the attendees. The Evaluations reflected what I already knew, Kinza was a huge success"                                        

                           Kerie Wedige, Early Childhood Development Conference"Kinza is a very conscientious person as she does an incredible job of researching an organization before ever meeting them face to face, and then is able to 'custom fit' a session to an organization's needs. I certainly believe that Kinza is one of a kind. We at WSRT strongly recommend Kinza to any organization looking for someone who can meet the needs of an audience like she does!"

                                   Julie Burt, Wis. Society of Radiologic Technologist

"God is in the details" - Making your event "divine"

Keynotes: Kinza does not stand behind a lectern. If one is on the stage, it works great to have the lectern pulled off to the side and recessed a bit to the back so she can freely move in front of it. She may use it to store props or materials needed for the program.

Program Timing: If this program takes place at a luncheon/after dinner, be sure to wait until after the dessert has been served before introductions are made. (1st priority: Calm those hunger pains!). Please Instruct waiters not to be cleaning off the tables during the presentation.

Staging area: Will need ample room for 3 or 4 volunteers to join the speaker in the front. If there is not a raised stage, please leave ample room for a stage 'area' - preferably in a half moon curve into the audience.

Training Program: A table for materials to be placed on should be available in the staging area.

Seating:   Crescent seating arrangement when possible

Computer: For power-Point presentations, Kinza will bring her flash drive -- or laptop as needed. A technician will need to be available to set up the equipment and do an A/V check.

Music: When music is used, Kinza will bring her CD. A CD player should be just off stage as part of the house system. Someone will need to be placed in charge of coordinating this with Kinza, unless a remote is provided. Kinza will come in early and work with you or the hotel crew on room setup, A/V checks, staging, etc.

Miscellaneous: Often at least one night's stay is required. A Non-smoking room is greatly appreciated.

If yours is a community event and you would like to increase attendance. Be sure to take advantage of Kinza's willingness to do some radio publicity for you. Simply have your local radio station call her to schedule an Interview.


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  • Pre-program questionnaire
  • A Master Hand out to be copied

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