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Be a "Burnt Toast & Jam" Host -   Here's an invitation to use for your own Burnt Toast & Jam Book Club Gathering - a great opportunity for a gal's night out!

Book Club/Bible Study Guide for Burnt Toast & Jam - For Book Clubs and Bible Study Groups, this Discussion Guide provides  questions and insights to generate lively discussions from this heartwarming book.(Biblical reference page is included.)                                                                       
EQ Indicator inventory -  A quick self examination tool for emotional interaction styles.
Poem: The Man in the Looking Glass - How would you describe yourself? Are you ethical and moral in your values? Here's a poem with a great message.
Poem:  Gossip- Nobody's Friend  -  Here's a great one for the break room wall!
Interview Tip Sheet - Have multiple interviews lined up?  Use these handy sheets to keep your facts straight and handy.

Interview  Practice Response Form This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.
A Gift from the Heart Christmas Invitation.   Put laughter and fun back into your Christmas gathering.


We have people with high IQ's and technology savvy, yet, according to research it is the human emotion factor that ultimately  determines our success and makes the difference in the bottom line for all of us.  Will you be happy?  Will you build a well working team?  Will your customers return?  Will your organization stand above the competition?  The following articles were written to aid you in reaching your goals.  And, by the way, if you haven't signed up for our Keys for Success Newsletter, do it now.  Hey, price is right.  It's free!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Humor

Getting a Grip on Stress

Giving Yourself the Gift of Friendship

Coping with Change


Six Things that Tick Off Co-Workers

Cyberspace Image-Email

Beware of Being  too Comfortable

Retaining the Boomer Gold

Conquering the ‘Change’ Challenge

 Do your Meeting Need a Makeover?

 Building Teams and Profits with Laughter

 Six Ways to make Your Customer Right

Conquering Email Addiction

Resource Links
NSA-Wisconsin Professional Speakers Assn.
Find a Toastmaster's Club near you.
Audrena's International Bazaar, supplies and costumes for Middle Eastern dance.
Dahlal's International Bazaar, supplies and costumes for Middle Eastern dance.
Solutions for coping with aging, chronic illness and disabilities. Shelley Peterman Schwartz
Nancy McKinney, Professional organizer for home and offices, Madison, WI
Ethics and leadership Speaker John DiFrances
Learn shocking effects of tv and computer games on our children.
Jill Fleming, dietician and speaker on achieving permanent weight loss. - Association of applied therapeutic humor



 Some days are just not as good as others. So gear up and be ready for them. Have your punch line ready:

- (To a surprise negative)…If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

- (When something you dread)…Does it come with a serendade?

- (When life gives you lemons)…Take it back, It’s not what I ordered.

- (frustrating news?) It could be worse. I could be pregnant.

- (Feel a challenge coming on) Here we go again.

--(When lectured to AGAIN) Start singing the song "Amen"

- (When given a stack of work) Are there calories in this?

-(Late?) My Ric-a-shaw had a flat tire

-I have no time for a crises, my schedule is full.

-I refuse to be intimidated by reality.

- Does it come with a serenade?

-I refuse to let the facts cloud my judgment.

- Here comes more fun.

-Beam me up Scott.

Don’t let them "Get your goat" – show them there is no goat. Use humor. Change the focus. Take it a complete different direction.

When you get to the end of your rope. Tie a knot on it and swing! Leo Buscaglia

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