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EQ Indicator Inventory

Jot down or circle the answer which best describes you. Then total up your circled numbers.

1. I know which emotions I am feeling and why.
2. I don’t spend time thinking about feelings.
1. I like candid feedback, new perspectives, continuous learning and self- development.
2. I feel it's "me, myself and I against the world." They can take me or leave me; this is how I am.
1. I try to manage impulsive feelings and distressing emotions well.
2. I 'go with' how I feel, at times lashing out inappropriately.
1. I try to build trust through my reliability and authenticity.
2. I am too busy to always follow through; it's not that important anyway.
1. I seek out fresh ideas from a wide variety of sources.
2. I know my way is the right way and that's how it's going to be!
1. I usually find a sense of purpose in a larger mission.
2. I look at each incidence. Each act stands pretty much alone.
1. I think I'm attentive to the emotional cues of others and listen well.
2. I'm uncomfortable with others' emotions but then I'm usually so busy talking they're not an issue.
1. I sense and respond to the other persons unspoken concerns or feelings.
2. I think most people are just too sensitive.
1. I try to cultivate, and nurture extensive informal networks.
2. I only talk to someone when I feel like it or have a good reason for it.
1. I try to model team qualities like respect, helpfulness and cooperation.
2. I don't think about it.

If you score a perfect 10: You have a healthy dose of emotional intelligence and are probably an effective communicator, manager and/or leader. People find it easy to trust you.

If you scored 11-16: You are able to build relationships but often sabotage yourself with feelings of inadequacy or being too judgmental of others . You will benefit from developing your focus and trust of others as well as enhancing your ability to express emotions and opinions.. You have a good sense of what areas you need to work on. Now you need to commit to making a conscious effort to improve in those areas where you feel you fall short.. Start with these two steps:

  1. Think of someone whom you admire for their relationship skills, emulate how they would respond to certain situations.
  2. Keep a daily Diary: How many times did you make someone feel better today?

If you scored 17-20: You are probably a hard worker but find you fall a port chop short when it comes to promotions or job offers. You need to re-evaluate your priorities and your focus. You may be very task oriented and good at what you do; however, you are probably relationship challenged. Close "feeling" type of situations make you feel uncomfortable You would benefit from experiences that cause you to reach out of your comfort zone.

  1. The first step you need to take is to WANT to change the way you perceive and respond to others. Like a boomerrang, that will ultimately change the way others perceive and respond to you. Emotional Intelligence can be learned.
  2. Explore the areas where you feel you need to improve. Define what triggers your unacceptable behavior, then write down a list of things that you can do to deal with these triggers. You would probably benefit from role playing in mock types of situations that cause you challenges.
  3. Keep a log. How many times did you successfully tune into another’s emotions today? How did you make the connection? How did it make you feel?

If members of your organization could benefit from further insights to enhance sales, team building, customer service or leadership skills, you can contact our office to learn about the types of programs available. Remember: People may not remember what you say, they may not remember what you do, they will always remember how you made them feel.

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